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Customized Data

Store all information your business needs and analyze your data with Hero 360IQ’s business intelligence algorithm.

Servis Hızı Takibi

Service Speed Tracking

Monitor service speed data within your organization, compare the performance between branches and easily take actions to improve your profitability.

Marka Kalite Standartları

Brand Quality Standards

Use industrial benchmarks prepared with the major brands and largest franchises of the restaurant sector, if you want to enjoy the maximum benefit.

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New Data Handling Methods

Expand Your Business With The Powerful Insights Of Hero 360iq Business Intelligence Platform.

• Analyze The Data Easily.

• Follow Up Operational Alarms.

• Keep Time Stamps.

HERO Mobil Raporlar ve Dashboard
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Hero - Mobil Raporlar ve Dashboard
Mobile Reports And Dashboard

Review The Live Sales, Alerts And Reports Collectively On The Web And Mobile App, In Order To Work Out A Detailed Profile Of Your Business By Means Of Hero 360IQ.

• Customize your Dashboard to your liking.

• Follow the sales instantly.

• Create alarm reports.

HERO Kayıp Kaçak Önleme Yeteneği
Hero - Mobil Raporlar ve Dashboard
Loss/Leak Prevention

Prevent possible loss/leak conditions owing to hero 360IQ’s loss/leak prevention algorithm.

• Track your delivery orders.

• Observe the discount orders.

• Follow the cancellation processes.