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Menu Management

Make your menus and promotions on a single platform, save time and labor costs.

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Easily integrate into the transformation by virtue of 3rd party companies and restaurant POS systems delivering online ordering services.



Review the online service operation using comprehensive data by means of strong reporting and analysis capabilities, and make your growth plans correctly.

HERO Entegrasyonlar
Hero - Entegrasyonlar

Integrate with 3rd party applications through a wide range of integration options, manage your restaurant hassle-free.

• Easily integrate with 3rd party online food ordering platforms.

• Connect to THE CRM, Loyalty, ERP programs and all other restaurant systems without any problems.

• Start using all payment methods online at your restaurant

Kurye Yönetimi
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Hero - Kurye Yönetimi
Delivery Management & Optimization

Order and Delivery Management & Optimization is so easy now!

• Get your delivery guys introduced to the system.

• Easily track your orders.

• Provide navigation management for order delivery points.

• Queue the orders coming from 3rd party online orders.

• Monitor past performances of the delivery management & optimization

Menü, Promosyon ve Kupon Yönetimi
Hero - Menü, Promosyon ve Kupon Yönetimi
Menu, Promotion And Voucher Management

Define all products, vouchers and promotions on a single panel and maintain them easily.

• Define different promotions easily for different channels.

• Perform the promotion rule, version category and time management.

• Integrate with Pos in the voucher management.

• Perform strong price management by order type, online channels and restaurants.

HERO Restoran Otomasyon
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Restaurant Management

Restaurant management is easier than you would think. Take control of everything from the opening & closing hours to the platform you will serve, and use your time efficiently.

• On a single panel, you can easily find out the branch contact information, working hours & days and on which platform they serve.

• Let the branch managers manage their own restaurants instantly on a platform basis.

• Take your decision about whether the products will be open or closed for sale, based on particular restaurant.